How much does the service cost?

Bottomline is available in a free tier and a Premium tier. The free tier allows entering up to 5 sales per month and is a great way to try out Bottomline without any commitment. Premium is USD $29.99 per year, and allows entering unlimited sales, plus additional features.

Both free and Premium include all the basic features like customers, products, categories, attributes and Dashboard on both iPhone and iPad.

The Premium tier offers additional features, including Expense Tracking, Leads, Sale Sources and Sale Statuses. We are working on many new features, including support for multiple currencies, sales goals, generating invoices, tracking commissions etc, most of which will be available only for Premium subscribers.

You can upgrade from free to Premium at any time with an easy in-app purchase.

Where is my data stored and how secure is it?

In order to be ubiquitous and available across all your devices, we store your data in the cloud. Like many startups, we use Amazon’s infrastructure as our back-end.

Your data is securely stored on a server in the United States, on the same servers that power many of the world’s most popular apps. We trust Amazon’s expertise in hosting our databases, and have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that it is safe from loss or theft. If you lose your iPhone or accidentally delete our app, your data is not lost as it still exists in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Bottomline?

No, you can use Bottomline completely offline if you like, even in Airplane Mode. When you’re connected to the Internet, any changes you’ve made while offline will automatically sync with our server.

Is there a desktop application for Bottomline?

Bottomline is available on the Web using any desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You can access your data by signing in at on your PC or Mac. Use the same credentials that you use in the mobile app.


Please note: the Web version of Bottomline is currently in beta and does not have all the functionality you find in the iPhone and iPad apps. We’re working hard to keep the Web and mobile versions in sync, but some features may be unavailable in the Web version.

Can I use Bottomline on more than one device?

Absolutely. Use it on all your iPhones and iPads and your data will sync between them. You can even use Bottomline when you’re offline and the changes will sync the next time you connect to the Internet. Bottomline is also available on the Web, so you can view or enter data on your desktop computer.

What are Leads and how should I track them?

Please click here to learn about tracking your leads in Bottomline.

How do I convert a Lead into a Sale?

Open the Lead by tapping on it on your iPhone or iPad. Then tap the Convert this Lead to a Sale link.

Do I have to enter sales by hand or can they be imported automatically?

Currently you have to input sales by hand. We’re working on automating this by importing transactions from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy. If you sell through any of these sites, data entry should become fully automated soon. Your customers can be imported automatically from the iPhone or iPad Contacts app.

How do I delete a product, customer, expense, sale etc.?

The same way you would delete an email in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad. Simply swipe across the item you wish to delete with your finger, and you will see the big red Delete button. Some screens also provide an Edit button in the top left hand or top right hand corner. Tapping this button enters an Edit mode where you can delete items easily.

Note: after you’ve deleted an item, it may take a few minutes for the changes to be synced with our server, and thus your other devices.

How are projected sales that are displayed on the Dashboard calculated?

We calculate projected sales using your average daily sales and the number of days in the current month. For example, if today is June 10th and your month-to-date sales were $1000, your projected sales for June would be: (1000 / 10) x 30 = $3000, since June has 30 days.

How can I export my data?

You can export Dashboard reports as PDFs. Tap on the PDF button in the top right corner of any report to do so. You can then share the PDF via email, Dropbox or any of the numerous sharing options available on iPhone or iPad.

You can also export all your customers, sales, products and leads to Excel as CSV files. To export your data, look under the My Account menu.

What’s the difference between Product and Product Category?

Categories are the “parent” of products. Every product must be inside a category. For example, if you were selling automobiles, your categories would be Cars, Trucks and Minivans. If you were a painter, your categories would be Watercolor Paintings and Oil Paintings.

Under each of those categories, you would have specific products, such as Ford Mustang, Chevy Malibu, Honda Civic etc (using the automobile example). Basically, you cannot have products without a category. Every product needs to be under a category, even if you have only a single category.

Why? We chose this hierarchy for better reporting across groups of products. For example, in the automobile example above, you would be able to see if you’re selling more Cars or Minivans (regardless of the specific make and model of the cars).

Why doesn’t the Dashboard show me reports for a particular month?

You might have applied a date filter to the Dashboard. Tap the Filter button in the top left corner of the Dashboard screen. Then press the Reset button to reset the filter back to all dates for which you have entered data.

How do I track refunds or chargebacks?

Create a sale with a negative total amount. Bottomline will recognize this as a chargeback or refund, and apply special treatment to it. Transactions with a negative total will also appear with a red background to help you identify them easily.

The data between my iPad and iPhone seems to be out of sync. How do I ensure everything is synced?

The good news is that all your data is ultimately stored in the cloud on our servers. So if you create some new data on one device (e.g. your iPhone), it will eventually appear on all your other devices (e.g. your iPad).

However, the sync between your devices and our servers is not real-time. Bottomline does not immediately push your changes to the server as soon as you make them. Your changes are pushed to our server once every 15 minutes, and as soon as the app goes into the background.

For example, let’s say you’ve entered a few sales into Bottomline on your iPhone. You’ve been using the app for around 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes, any new data you created will have been sent to our servers at least once (i.e. after 15 minutes). Let’s say that your iPhone then rings and you answer the call. As soon as you switch to the Phone app and send Bottomline into the background, your changes are sent to our server.

So if you’re using Bottomline on your iPhone and iPad simultaneously, and enter some new sales into your iPhone, they will not appear on your iPad immediately. You’ll have to wait until that data is first sent from your iPhone to our server, and then from our server to your iPad. As mentioned above, you can “force” the sync by first pressing the Home button on your iPhone, waiting a few seconds, and then pressing the Home button on your iPad. Going back into Bottomline (after pressing the Home button) should make any pending changes appear.

There’s another way to “force” the sync to happen without leaving the app. When using Bottomline on your iPhone, look under the More tab. You can “pull down” the table to force a sync (just like you pull to refresh for email in the Mail app). Similarly, you can “pull down” the left hand side table on the iPad. Manually doing this “pull to sync” is not necessary since Bottomline automatically syncs your data periodically as described above. However, it’s there if you should ever need to force a sync.

Sync Bottomline

Troubleshooting Sync

If the above automatic or manual sync mechanisms do not work for you, or you’re seeing a more serious issue with missing data, there’s another way to resolve it. Look under the My Account menu (you can find this under the More tab on iPhone). Here you’ll see an option to Resync with Server. Doing this will simply overwrite any data on your device with what’s stored on our server. Again, we don’t think you should ever need to do this, but this is a quick way to ensure that you get a true replica of your data from our server.

If the above still doesn’t work, sign out of the app and sign in again. Signing in will fetch a fresh copy of your data from our server. Finally, the last resort to fix any data syncing issues is to simply delete Bottomline from your device and reinstall it from the App Store. This will require you to sign in again, and thus fetch your data from our server.

Does Bottomline allow multi-user access so my team can enter data or view the reports?

Unfortunately Bottomline is currently not designed for multiple users. It is optimized for a single user using it on several personal devices such as iPhone and iPad.

In theory you could share the same username and password with multiple people. But it’s just not tested for that kind of usage, so we recommend you don’t use it that way. Besides, it’s not very secure for multiple users to share the same username and password.

We plan to enable secure, officially supported multi-user access in the future. So far there hasn’t been much demand, therefore it is lower priority than other features. If this feels like a deal-breaker to you, please share your feedback so we can re-prioritize it.

Why isn’t my Dashboard showing graphs?

The Dashboard generates graphs using data you’ve entered into Bottomline. If data for a graph hasn’t been entered, or has been filtered out, the graph won’t appear. For example, the graph of Sales by Sale Sources analyzes all the sale sources you use. If you haven’t selected sale sources when creating your sales, this particular graph won’t be generated.

You can also filter graphs by date (e.g. last 60 days, last 90 days etc). If you’re not seeing a graph, maybe there isn’t any data for the date range you’ve selected. Tap the Filter button in the top left corner of the Dashboard and remove any filters by selecting All Dates.

Who’s the team behind Bottomline?

We’re a small team of passionate engineers and designers based in San Francisco, California. Our work histories include jobs at Apple, Microsoft, and a bunch of smaller tech startups. We were inspired to make Bottomline from our own experiences running small businesses or helping family members run theirs. Please contact us to learn more about the team or ask us anything.